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COURSE                            EMT 113 MATHEMATICS FOR CONSTRUCTION

YEAR/SEMESTER              Year 1, Semester 1

CONTACT HOURS             60 hours (45 hrs lecture, 15 hrs tutorial)

                                       Credit Hours = 4


To give the student an understanding of various topics in Mathematics for analyzing quantitative, and simple engineering and design consideration problems.

At the end of this course the successful student will have established a suitable base for further learning in design, and structural analysis.



Assessment will be by Coursework and Final Examination. The weighting given for each section (see Description of Course) will be approximately represented in both the Coursework and the Final Examination. Coursework will comprise assignments, tests, quizzes, etc. The Final Examination will be a single three hour paper.

The weighting of Coursework and Final Examination will be:


                                                                Coursework          = 50%

                                                                Final exam            = 50%






Algebra (15 hours)  weighting = 25%                                                                             


Indices, surds, logarithms.  Algebraic solutions of quadratic equations. Simultaneous equations. The remainder theorem. Arithmetic and Geometric progressions.


Calculus                (15 hours)  weighting = 25%


Limits and Derivatives. Differentiation of Algebraic functions. Application of differentiation to find maxima, inflexion, tangents, normal, rates of change and small increases.

Integration of algebraic functions. Application to finding arc length, areas and volume of revolution.



Analytic Geometry            (10 Hours)  weighting  =  20%


Analytic geometry of a straight line, circle, parabola, ellipse and hyperbola. Problems on Loci.

Cartesian and Polar co-ordinate systems.



Trigonometry     (20 Hours)  weighting  = 30%


Angular measurements. Degrees and radians. Length of arc, area of sector, area of segment, Elevations and depressions, Trigonometric ratios.  Addition, Double-angle formula. Solution of triangles.






Greer, M.  Complete GCSE Mathematics.  London: Longman.


Norman, C. Undergraduate Algebra.  A First Course. New York: Wiley.